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Laboratory of Polymer Materials


I am Kumkum Ahmed, working as an Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology. My current research converges on the development of multifunctional gels, stimuli responsive gels, porous polymers, nanocomposite materials for applications in 3D printing, soft actuators and sensors. To learn more about my work please click on "learn more" tab


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Research Projects

Research projects are as follows

  • Development of multifunctional polymers such as gels, porous polymers, nanocompisites, shape memory polymers etc. 

  • Characterization of these materials and understanding of  different properties (e.g. mechanical, conductive) for applications in actuators and sensors

  • Development of 3D printable devices such as sensors and actuators utilizing different polymers

Some research projects based on the above mentioned topics are shown below

Accepting undergraduate students

Motivated individuals from any country who are nterested to work in developing polymers materials science for engineering applications are encouraged to apply to my lab. To learn more about the undergraduate program (IGP) please click the "Read more"

Contact Me
If you are interested to join my laboratory, please contact me using the following contact form

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